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How do I restore from a backup?  - ID 10087
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How do I create a backup using Sage 50 Accounting? - ID 10390
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How to enable automatic backup? - ID 15741
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How to have the comment change automatically for backups? - ID 16197
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How to Backup EFT Direct data? - ID 10306
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How do I send a backup to my accountant? - ID 15336
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Error: "Unable to backup company file; one or more files are in read only state" - ID 16292
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Error: "Backup of data was unsuccessful" - ID 16951
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I am unable to create or restore a backup - ID 12998
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Where are the Sage 50 automatic backups located? - ID 12613
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Can I create a copy of some years only? - ID 14511
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