HST question regarding YE Adjustments

I am entering my YE Adjustments provided by my accountant.  Some of them include HST adjustments.  When I am in the General Journal and make adjustments to chart of account 2375 (HST Paid) or 2370 (HST charged) a screen will pop-up stating "this transaction uses linked tax accounts, but you have not entered tax information for this tranaction.  Do you want to process this transaction without entering tax information".  If I choose no, the next screen that pops up is my Sales Tax General Journal.

So my questions is should I choose yes or no at the first pop-up question?   I want my HST return report to be correct at the end of the calendar year.  In some instances the adjustment will produce the correct populated $$ in the HST screen if I choose "no" but in some cases, the HST amount indicated by my accountant AJE will not populate the correct amount?

  • Hi Ryker,

    If you want the tax amount that you use in the General Journal to go to the tax report, you will say yes or hit the sales taxes button in the lower left hand corner of the General Journal input windows.  You will then see the Sales Taxes - General journal windows popup.  Please fill up the table.  You can follow the instruction below to fill it up.

    1. Make your general journal entry, choosing at least one account that is linked to a sales tax.
    2. Click the Sales Tax button.
    3. Select whether this transaction is a purchase or sale.
    4. Sage 50 automatically lists the accounts that are linked to a sales tax. Select the appropriate tax and tax codes for each account.
    5. If you do not track all sales taxes for this transaction in a specific account, you can add the remaining taxes in the Other Taxes Paid box. Sage 50 enters a value in these boxes based on the Tax Code you selected; however, you can change these values.
    6. Click OK.

    Hope this helps


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