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Wow - glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem.  I was on SA earlier this week with no problems and today, all of a sudden, I'm getting the message "Simply Accounting has stopped working".   When I go into the Connection Manager it says it is running but with 0 connections, but I cannot get into the window that allows me to connect - it appears to have disappeared.  I am running Vista on a laptop and have SA 2008 Premium installed.  Had no problems installing it (last fall) and have had no problems until today.  I also can't access the "SA by Sage Help" files, nor can I open a sample company.  I tried the TCP/IPv6 fix, but that didn't work either.  Any other suggestions?  Of course, it is Sunday and there is not phone support.  Makes me nervous because the bookkeeping is backing up and I'm not really a bookkeeper type anyway, so these issues freak me out!

  • Hi there:  Go up to the Search box and type in    Simply stopped working    There are three pages of problems and solutions for the same thing that has been happening over the past week or so.    Make sure to not capitalize the s or w or it won't take you to the right place.  Rita Deering


  • Looks to me like the folks at Simply, as well as Microsoft, really did not do their users a good service on this issue.  The problem is with Simply, caused by Microsoft updates.  Fortunately I discovered the forum and a posting by Joe the Tomato that got me going again after about 10 hours of frustration.  Simply is very good at sending out e-mails offerin training, upgrades etc., but did little or nothing to inform their customers regarding this problem.  A spoke to a friend yesterday who said he was downloading a wack of updates from Microsoft.....I told him what to expect regarding his "Simply not Working"  He called later to inform me that it had happened to him as well.  Since I usually get his troubleshooting calls, he was very very happy to know that an answer was available.  What about all those other folks who can't open files, can'd do invoicing, payroll etc...  Does anyone at Simply care to respond ?

  • Spent an hour on the phone with a tech today and finally got the fix.  It can also be found at this site:

    At the bottom of the page there is a link to an Error message "Simply stopped working" that has the pdf with the instructions to do the fix.

    You're right - this is something that should not have gotten through Sage, especially because it started happening with a March 9 Windows Defender update.  You'd think Sage could have at least sent out emails to clients with the fix attached.

  • I have tried everything to get Simply to work again. So far no success. I notice that the connection manager simply does NOT connect.

    . did the "local host" thing

    . uninstalled and reinstalled the program

    . set the connection manager to administrator

    . installed Simply on my laptop on which I run XP. It does not recognize the data and reverts back to the menu.

    . rebooted countless times

    Last time I successfully opened our company data was March 2/09. The next time we tried to -unsuccessfully- open it was March 9/09. It is now March 17th!

    Not sure what to do next. I used Simply before it became Simply (remember Bedford?) I regret that our newly hired bookkeeper thought it wise to upgrade to Simply Sage. I have an old Simply Accounting v8.0A on another computer, running like a dream for another company.

    Wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing ♪♫ for a SOLUTION! 


  •  I found out this was a problem with an automatic update that Windows Defender put out on March 9.  I had to call a tech support person Monday and got up and running.  But, if you go to

    and scroll down the page you will find a fix for "Simply stopped working".  This was the same fix that the tech talked me through and it worked.  By the way, that little = sign should also be added to the web address.  The other way to get to the site is to: ->Support -> Product Updates ->scroll down the page to "Canadian Product Updates" and click on the link in the middle of the red text.  This will take you to the page I just mentioned above, scroll down to the "Simply stopped working" link and follow the instructions.    Good Luck!

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