box 24 on t4 slips

 just wondering why box 24 on my t 4 slip is more than box 14? How can I have more ei insurable earnings that I actually earned. This is on all the t4s I have printed for all employees. Box 14 is correct, thank you

  • Hi Meadow,

    If you adjust the EI box of a paycheque, or just open a paycheque and only enter the EI box with an amount, it will backward calculate the EI insurable earning.  The is the reason why you have your EI insurable earning greater than the employment earning.

    It can be corrected to the proper value on the T4 and RL-1 Reporting tab of the employee record.

    1. Click on Employees under the Payroll tab

    2. Select the employee from the list and double-click on the employee record

    3. Click on the T4 and RL-1 Reporting tab

    4. Modify the values in the current year to the desired values

    5. Click File, Save

    Typically, these problems can be avoided if the Calculate Taxes Automatically button is used at all times. A subscription to Sage Business Care Payroll Plan will substantially reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring.

    Hope this helps.


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