Entering payroll id number

I just down loaded Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2013.  I have 3 differernt companies that I use it on.

I did the payroll for the first company.  I was asked to put in the payroll id #, I did & I had no problems.

I went to do the second companies's payroll & I was asked for the payroll id #, I entered it & I get a message The program is already using the payroll # I do not need to re-enter it.  I hit OK & then when I go to do th epayroll I get the same message.  I cannot do the payroll.

Please let me know how I can proceed.




  •  Hi Brian,

    What is the exact message you receive on the 2nd and 3rd company when you try and do payroll?  When you are in the pay cheque window are both the calculators greyed out (there are 2 icons at the top of the window one with a yellow piece of paper and a calculator - this is the auto calculations - and the other is just a large calculator - there is a hand pointing in between).

    Are your second and third files in history mode (do you see a history menu to the left of the help menu)? If your files are in history mode the then the taxes will not auto calculate until you exit.

    The exact error message would definitely help to point in the right direction.

    Thanks so much

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