Tax Table updates for 2011

I'm new to simply and bookkeeping and would like to know what I need to do to have the tax table information updated for each employee.  I download payroll release "D" for 2010 in late December.  I assumed that the tax table numbers would automatically update when I went in yesterday but it still seems to have 2010 federal/province tax numbers, CPP and EI also not updated etc.  Do I have to manually get the numbers from the CRA website and type them in?  Also, what else would I have to update.   

  •  Hi,

    You need to have the employees fill out a new TD1 form, or

    If nothing has changed, and everything is set up properly, you can update the amounts automatically from Maintenance | Update Employee Claims.  

    Unless you have more than 25 or so employees, it's not much trouble to do this manually instead.

    I usually found that there were enough changes in the TD1s that it was best to ask for a new one every year.

  •  Are you from Ontario?  Last year Federal Claim amount was 10,382.00 which the previous person entered.  On the CRA site for Ont I found $10,527 so did I just enter the difference in the amount column?

  •  Hi there:  If you are using the Maintenance, Update Employee, then you just put in the difference.  If you are doing each employee individually then you have to type in the new amount in each employee's window.   Rita Deering

  • Hi there.  I just used the Update Employee Claims to increase the amounts for both federal and provincial taxes.  Once I hit the OK button, the increases were then applied to the claim amounts and at the same time the increased amount was  put into the "subject to indexing box" below the federal and provincial claim boxes for this year of 2011.  i've never updated the tax table using this shortcut but thought I would give it a try as we are over 50 employees.  Can someone please let me know if I should be concerned that there are now figures in the "subject to indexing boxes"?  

    Thank you.    Leanne

  •  Hi Leanne,

    "Subject to Indexing" means the portion of the employee's Personal Exemption that is 'indexed' by the government every year.   So that is usually the amount on the top of the TD1.  "Indexing" is the process by which the Government changes personal exemptions annually.   i.e. if the consumer price index exceeds 3% they 'index' the personal exemption by a percentage.

    If the employee has, for example, a specific amount for tuition, it wouldn't change when the personal exemption amount changes, so it is NOT subject to indexing. 

    If the percentage is lower than a certain amount, they do not index.  This is the process whereby we all pay slightly more in tax every year, until an election year.

    Hope that helps!


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