Zero amount pay cheques

 Employees were issued advances for the entire amount of their upcoming pay cheques.  I would like to issue $0.00 pay cheques to the employees showing the income and deductions applied for the period in question.  The program will not let me issue non - negotiable cheques. how can i change the settings for this?


    Hi there: Since you won't be issuing an actual cheque you won't want the entry to go through Bank anyway so you will need to have the credit side of the entry that usually goes to Bank to be able to go to a different account.  If you have a Wages Payable account in the Liabilities section of your Chart of Accounts, click it open and under the Class Tab, choose Bank.  This will allow this account to be chosen in the drop down box where Bank usually is when you are doing the paycheques.

    For each paycheque, choose the Wages Payable account instead of Bank and the entry will put the credit of zero to that account.   Give it a try on one employee and see if it works for you.   Rita Deering

  • While the Simply Software was being installed and programmed, payroll for the employees had to be issued. So, in anticipation of entering payroll data at a later date, the employees were issued pay cheques which were calculated manually.  The computer-generated calculations and the manual calculations do not always agree, hence, the resulting differences in net pay and deductions amounts. 

    Now, to record the amounts that were calculated outside the Simply system, I had to manually enter the tax calculations. The problem is Simply did not allow me to print zero amounts resulting from the manual entries. It does, however, allow me to print zero amounts when adjustments have not been made. In other words, it will allow zero amounts if Simply calculates a zero amount. So, all in all, I did complete the task and come to understand Simply better.

    The employees still require the pay cheque stubs for the period in question.  Thanks anyway for your time and help.

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