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 Please help!

How can I change a print setting for checks? I don't need to print the name and adress of my company on the check. This information is already on check. I have tried some changes but it didn't work.


  • Go to Setup>Reports & Forms>Cheques>the bank account used for payroll.  In the Payroll Cheque Settings pane there is a button entitled Customize Forms.  Click on it to open the form designer so that you can delete that information on the form.  Make sure you rename the form  and  insert the address for the location of the form in the Form field.   

    If you do not want to modify the form you can choose to use a pre-printed form by placing a dot on Pre-printed (instead of Custom Forms) and choosing one of the available ones in the Form Type field.


    Hi, there's an even easier way:  go to setup > settings > Forms > and remove the check from "print company address on cheques"  HTH

  • Jacke,

    Your method will only remove the address not the name: Pre-printed cheques usually have the name!



    Hi Michael, I must be on glue or my SA is, to be sure what I had said was correct I printed a cheque to test my theory again and it does not print the name or the address on the cheques,  I am using Enterprise 2008 could that be the difference?  Again, all I did was uncheck the box that says print company address on cheques.  :)

  • Thank you for your replies.

    I use Simply Pro 2009 and only what Michael suddested  works.


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