T4 EI Insurable Earnings not printing on T4!!

When I try to print my T4's the EI Insurable Earnings and CPP Pensionable Earnings is not printing, it is in the Employees file. HELP!!

  • Hi there:    It is not a requirement that they print.   Mine didn't print either except for one I think, so I don't know what the program is doing but I think Revenue Canada accepts the T4's without these numbers printed.  I issued mine without it.  You can always check the cra website on this.    R Deering

  • check your payroll detail report to see if the gross earnings is the same as the EI pensionable earnings and the CPP pensionable earnings in each employees case.  I am thinking that the EI able and/or CPP able earnings may only print on the T4's if they are different from the gross earnings??

  • My T4's don't print the EI Isurable Earnings either.....they did on one or  two but not all by any means.  Did you find out anything more about it.


  • While I have not run into any problems with the way Simply Accounting completes Box 24 for EI insurable earnings, I have run into several problems regarding Box 26 for CPP pensionable earnings. See my post titled Pensionable Earnings and CPP Exemption. If you are not familiar with all of the tax rules regarding how to complete Box 26, it may be worth your money to hire a tax accountant to review your T-4s before submitting to the government. You cannot rely on Simply Accounting alone to ensure the information is accurate on your T-4s. If you under report an employee's insurable/pensionable earnings, this could create a future liability for your company.

  • If the EI insurable Earnings were exactly the same as the gross the program doesn't print out the amount, but if it's just $.01 different it will.  Apparently sending them in blank is not a problem, but I did go in & adj. mine manually so there would be a figure.

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