Pensionable Earnings and CPP Exemption

I work with an organization that has several hourly part-time employees which and have noted 2 errors with respect to the way SA deals with CPP calculations: 1. If an employee's gross pay for a pay period is less than the employee's CPP exemption for the pay period, SA is correctly not calculating any CPP deduction but it is incorrectly calculating the Pensionable Earnings as nil for that pay period. 2. If the employee's CPP contributions for the year are nil, an "X" is being printed in the CPP Exempt box (Box 28) on the T-4 which is incorrect. An "X" should only be entered in this box if the employee is under 18 or over 70 for the entire year (or a few other special circumstances which do not apply to any of our employees). I have discussed both of these matters with the Canada Revenue Agency as well and they have confirmed my understanding of the CPP matters described above. I reported this matter to SA last year by fax and did not receive a response presuming the errors had been fixed but working on 2007 T4s now confirms the problems still exist. I hope this forum will provide a better result than the fax approach.
  • Hi AMJ

    Thank you for the feedback. The best way to send us suggestions about the program is using the Help, Give Us Feedback menu in Simply Accounting, or the YOUR VOICE link at the top of this page. This way your comments will be sent directly to Product Management.

  • Do I still need to go one of the routes you suggested or have you already forwarded my note to Product Management?
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