Vacation earned does not show on pay stub

I can get most things I want to print on pay stubs except for Vacation Earned.

I have it ticked off in the employee income which would normally let it display. All other fields I have done in a similar fashion such as Stat holiday or safety shoes shows up with no problem.


  • I'm suspecting from your question that the field for vacation earned prints but the amount the employee is supposed to receive does not.  Vacation earned is a system setting and should automatically print on the stub. If my assumption is incorrect ignore the rest of the message and contact a technician at Sage Accpac.

    If I am correct it is one of two possible errors.

    • First possible error: Select your system setting for payroll and you will find columns that have check marks ie. calculate tax, calculate EI and so on. Use your navigation bar to review the last column to calculate vacation. Make certain that there is a check mark beside each kind of income your employees receive. (Note: If you have entered an income for "employee reimbursement" make certain that this column does not have a check mark.)
    • Second possible error: Open your employee records and make sure that you have checked the box in the income tab to calculate vacation and have entered in the vacation percentage.

    If you have been processing cheques with one of the two possible errors - you have not been calculating vacation accrued for any of your employees and will have to correct past period reports.

  • I may have to contact a technician.

    In your first paragraph, the field for vacation is ticked off but neither the field nor the amount in it are showing up on the stub. Other fields ticked similarly show up with no issue. 

    Both error possibilities noted are OK in our system. Calculations for vacation earned work fine and reduce as would be expected when vacation is paid out.

     Only issue is getting the field to print on a stub.

  • Hi John,

    What version of Simply Accounting are you using?  And what form type?

    In the 2007 version any of the custom Simply Forms with "YTD totals" in the cheque description should print the vacation earned amount on the cheque stub.  Go to Setup > Reports & Forms > Cheques > your bank Account and change whatever paycheque settings you have.  Make sure you select the Custom Forms radio button, the form type should be Custom Simply Form and then choose a description based on your number of stubs with YTD totals Easy Align in the template title.  Say OK to save these changes and then recall a paycheque that you already posted (so we can print it on paper for tests purposes) and see if the field is in the lower, right-hand side of the stub.

    Good luck!

  • Hello Kim

    I am using Premium 2007.

    You may have hit on the problem. I do not have an option for YTD in the form types. Only two options I have are cheque -easy align and stub-cheque - easy align. Nothing shows with YTD totals. Let me work on that and see if I can find some options to download.


  • Hi John,

    Try searching your Windows files for any files ending in .sfm.  I suspect you may have several forms folders in various locations.  Hopefully you have the forms installed, just in a different location then where Simply is looking. 

    This knowledge base article may help you browse for your Simply Forms , particularly step 3.

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