Simply Accounting Database engine error

i recently installed simply accounting Premium 2009 student version on my laptop running on win vista w/ the ff specs: 1.8 ghz w/ a 2gb ram w/ a 256 mb vc. i was trying to open the  "existing company" but when i click the file "start.SAI, it gives me the message: database engine timeout while serving the connection. please wait a moment and try again. 

can somebody please explain to me why i cannot access the file from my hard drive? i already followed the steps regarding firewalls and tried to start / stop the connection manager, but no luck in my end. 

can someone please HELP me??? thanks

  •  Ick! Vista!

    Seriously, Vista has more security features than XP, so it can be stubborn about letting you see your own stuff.  It seems a bit unfriendly and untrusting.

    Are you running as Administrator?

    Are the data files anywhere under \Program Files ?

    I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the Student version of the program, will it let you start the Simply program, then select 'open the sample company' or 'Create a New Company'

    And is there anything in the Event Log?  If you open the Simply Connection Manager and watch it while you try to open the file, does anything happen?  Any connections?  Databases in use?

    I hope that helps,


  • thanks randy....yes i am the administrator, i tried turning the simply accounting to xp compatible......then i tried to open the sample folder and click on the mission.sai file and after a few seconds,  got the message " the database engine time out while serving the connection. please wait a moment and try. and after more clicks....nothing happen....connection manager says its running, system service both yes.....

    anyone here care to give a help? thanks a lot....


  • I don't recall the full name and the Knowledgebase will not show me any articles that refer to it, but I recall having a problem with one system and I had to add an IP address (I think it was to the file.  It was called something like hosts.txt or something like that but I don't recall exactly where it is.

    Hopefully one of the Sage staff can fill in the correct name and location of the file if this is a proper option to explore.

    The other thing I found in the knowledgebase is the article  21823 about turning off  IPv6 protocol.

    Hope this helps

  •  Hi,

    Is this the article you meant:

    It suggests opening the HOSTS file (usually at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and making sure that there is only one 'localhost' entry, and it points to   Localhost

    Not really helpful in getting Simply Accounting running, but more information on the HOSTS file and what it does, and how to use it to keep bad stuff out of your computer:

    Hope that helps,



  • hi thanks but i already tried doin the local host thing...but i still couldnt access the sample file in my hard drive......this is what the message looks like:

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