I lost my

Hi there,
The hard disk in my laptop that I have been using for Simply Accounting 2011 crashed recently and I had to install a new hard disk.  Fortunately, I have back up of all the CAB files and Product Info such as Serial Number, Account ID, Key Code etc.  Is there a way that I can re-use this information after downloading software from your site or do I have to purchase current version and restore back up?  Please note that I initially downloaded trial version from your website and then bought product key to continue with it.

Best Regards

  • Hi,

    This forum is mostly peer support, like me, rather than Sage staff.

    If you have the original installation file for your 2011 program, plus the updates that match the version you have a license for, you should be able to enter your account ID and keycode during the installation, install the updates, and restore your data.

    I hope that helps, please post back.


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