Sage Simply Accounting 2012 Premium on terminal server

We have a 5 user license and I have installed the software on our terminal server (Windows 2008 standard). When we try to open our data file, we get the following error;

This company has been converted to the Premium edition of Sage Simply Accounting. You can no longer open it with this edition of the software

This is the same software that was installed on the workstations.

Not sure which way to go on this.

  • Usually means that the data has been opened with a newer edition of Simply (Release B, C, D).

    Make sure the terminal server and all workstations are fully updated to the latest release by going to Help --> Check for Updates.


  • Hi there, the update that we loaded on two computers and the terminal server is SA_2012DCPUP1.exe.

    I still get that message even after reinstalling that update. Anything else to check?

  • Something that you can do is look at the contents of the CompanyName.SAI file using windows notepad and see what version etc it shows in the file, my Sage 2012 Premium Release D shows the following at the start of the file

    <root><Product>Sage Simply Accounting Premium 2012</Product><DataVersion>19004</DataVersion>

    Check your file and see if it is the same in which case you will need to apply release "D" in order to be able to open your file!

    I presume that the following applies to the 2012 versions

    A - 19001

    B - 19002

    C - 19003

    D - 19004

  • this is what the file shows

    <root><Product>Sage Simply Accounting Premium 2012</Product><DataVersion>19004</DataVersion><DatabaseType>4</DatabaseType>

  • So your data file has been upgraded to Release "D" by someone, then all of the clients must also be at Release "D", sounds like you have an update to apply! Their is no way to revert it back unless you restore from a backup that I am aware of.

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