Restoring an older back up

Hey guys,

My dad has been using Simply Accounting Pro 2007 (relatively older version) for 3 years now and recently he has purchased Simply Accounting 2010 Pro. However we ran into a company restoration issue because Simply Accounting Pro is unable to read and restore the older version. It says only Premium or Enterprise is able to restore the older file version. I downloaded the trial version of Premium to restore the back up and then create a new back up to use with Pro however now it is saying that the back up can only be restored by the version of Simply Accounting it was created in. Are there any solutions to this? My dad just wants all his records restored to his newly purchased copy of Simply Accounting Pro 2010.

Thanks for your help in advance.

  •  SA changed the names of the different versions(SA Basic 2007 is now SA Pro2010, SA Pro 2007 is now SA Premium 2010).His only solution is to upgrade to SA Premium 2010. Once the files have been converted you can not go back to a lower version. He can call SA and ask to be upgraded to SA Premium (for an additional fee). If his  OS is Win7 make sure he restores his data  to a folder called C:\Simplydata. Do not store the data files inside C:\Program Files.

  •  Hi there:  If he does not need to have the features in the Simply Premium version (which is more expensive), you could always just "start over" in the Simply 2010 Pro version that he has purchased.   I like to start with the numbers from the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year, entered by one journal entry, and then "roll forward" to the new year that he wants to be making entries into.  Don't know if this timing would work for you or not.   Rita Deering

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