HST Paid on Purchases Detail

Hi everyone,

My accountant is requesting that when I supply him with my files for his work that he requires the HST, we've

paid on purchases, in detail form. I use Chart 2316 for this and when we click on it on the balance sheet it only displays

the totals paid. Any thoughts on why it doesn't show the detail??  Is there a setting that has been changed to turn it off.

I am using Sage 50 Premium 2013.


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  • I am not sure what report Chart 2316 refers to.

    If you double-clicked the HST Paid on Purchases account, you should have ended up with the General Ledger report.  This is probably what the accountant wants.  It should have columns for Date, Comment, Source, JE#, Debits, Credits and Balance.

    If they are not all there, right-click the column headers and put them on.  Or you can select the menu Modify, Report Options and rerun the report with the Template <Default report options> instead of <Last used report options>.

    If this isn't what your accountant wants, can you be more specific about what is on it?  Maybe you could ask him what report in program he is looking for.

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