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I have an account 1220 Payroll Advance and I'm want to do a journal entry to clear the account but it does not show up in the list of accounts on the journal entry screen.  Does anyone know why?

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  • Hi Mmurphy,

    Payroll advance is a linked account under Setup, Settings, Payroll, Linked Accounts, Incomes.  Therefore, you will not be able to select it in General Journal window unless you unlink it first.

    Before you unlink it, please go to Maintenance in the menu bar of the home screen and select Check Data Integrity.  The integrity Summary will pop up.  Please confirm if there is any integrity problem between Advances & Loan Rec’ble and Advances & Loans Paid.  

    If there is a problem, you can unlink the Payroll advance account and do the adjustment.  

    If there is no integrity problem, please go to each employee, income tab and see which one has the problem.  Then use the payroll journal (create a paycheque), select that employee and do the adjustment over there.  For your information, if you do not have integrity problem but you unlink the account and do adjustment by GJ entry, you will create your own integrity problem.

    Hope this help

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