"Simply accounting cannot find the connection manager" Weird problem.

Ok, second attempt with different browser.


Here's my issue.


We have several computers on a network with one server.

Some are XP, some are Windows 7.

The server has the database in it and the connection manager is working fine.

Some computer can connect to the database without a glitch, some can't.  It's always the same computers.  They get the message in the title.


Now, i'Ve tried shutting down the manager, restarted the server, etc...  having the computer that can't connect to be the first ones to connnect to the database, etc...   tried just about everything except fixing my problem.


It's not a firewall issue as i have turned off all firewalls in all computers and even in the server.

It was working fine for years untill a few days ago.


Anyone has any clues as to what is wrong?



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