packing slips


when making a sales invoice, (sale) is there a way to email the packing slip?

i only see an option for printing it.




  • Does that not defeat the purpose of a packing slip; that it gets packed with the goods being shipped! 

    To answer your question; just print it to a PDF printer and attach it to an e-mail, no other way to do it that I know of!

  • HI Bruce

    thanks for your reply.


    Actualy, i need to email it to the shipping dept. so that they know what to ship out.


    Is there a way of emailing it without saving as a PDF first?




  • One workaround would be to modify an invoice template to look like your packing slip, then set it up as the email template, rather than the printed template.  Then email the packing slip.

    If you email regular invoices, then you will need to switch back and forth when you wish to email invoices vs. packing slips.

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