Simply Accounting 2011 premium student version

 Has anybody had any issues or know anything to do with the free download of the simply 2011 premium student version? I get it onto the computer then after a short period of time, anywhere from a day or two to a week, of using it as soon as i click on anything i get a warning about windows update or firewall, i click the ok, have no other choice and then it closes out and says my 14 months is expired.  I have gone in and updated and shut things off etc,. It has happened twice.  Calling Simply support is useless as they don't know anything about this program!! Sorry Simply, but that is what all 4 - 5 of the people i talked to at Simply told me.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  •  Hello momof2,

    If your student version has expired, uninstall the version you have then run the student version utility.  That will reset the expiry time period for the next installation of sage simply accounting student version.

    i get a warning about windows update or firewall

    It sounds like you may not have allowed all the correct processes in your computer's firewall to allow Sage Simply Accounting to work.  Allow the following processes in your firewall:

    C:\program files\winsim\connectionmanager\MySqlBinary\5.0.38\mysql

    C:\program files\winsim\connectionmanager

    simply accounting.exe
    c:\program files\ simply accounting installation directory

    And make sure you have all firewall and antivirus programs disabled when installing the program.

    If you continue to encounter errors opening sage simply accounting, reply back with your operating system and the exact error messages you receive.

    Thank you,

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