Simply Accounting 2012 update

My client has the 2011 edition of Simply Accounting Pro, which was installed on her system in February of 2011.  I have the Accountants' Edition of Simply Accounting installed on my system.

I make the majority of entries in the client's SA data base.  From time to time, the client opens the files to make entries or to run statements and query the General Ledger.

When I last made entries to the client's file, in late December, I received the message to download and install the 2012 update.  In the interest of time, I opted to postpone the update.

Following my last use, the client opened Simply Accounting on her system, got the update download/install message and proceded with the update.  When she attempted to open Simply Accounting, she received the message:

"This data has been updated to a new file format and is now incompatible with this version of the software.  Once you upgrade data to a newer version, it works with the new version only"

I am able to open the updated data base with no problem or warnings.

Is the client's 2011 version of SA Pro now obsolete and must she now purchase the 2012 version of Simply Accounting?  Does this mean that the purchase of Simply Accounting is serviceable for one year only?


  • Open the client's file.  Select File, Properties and record what it says under Product and Version.

    Make sure they open the exact same file on their system.  Have them look at File, Properties for teh Product and Version.

    They should be the same.  If not, then someone needs to update.

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