Bank Reconciliation Problem

 In the Bank Reconciliation window it shows two identical entries as Credits one of them being the unresolved balance.

But there is only one entry in the GL How is this possible and how can I fix this?



  •  Hi,

    1. Adjustments,  when:

         a.  Correcting from, or to, a date that is past the statement end date of the reconciliation. 

         b. adjusting to correct a  posting to the wrong account.

    2. Bank deposits posted with the source as the bank account create an odd-looking double transaction. 

    3. There may be some corrupted data in the bank reconciliation table. 

    To fix it, or find out what happened, try:

    Check 'Show deposit slip details' and uncheck 'Do not show corrections', to show all the details.

    Double-click on the Credit in the bank reconciliation screen to see which transaction it is linked to.

    Temporarily change the statement end date to the latest date possible.

    I hope that helps, please post back!


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