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I have been fortunate enough to have used SA 2004 Pro for the last number of years, and absolutely love it.  Unfortunately the product was withdrawn from the South African Market some time ago, and the 2004 version does not support Windows 7 - so there is a push to upgrade.  Can someone please answer the following questions:-

1. VAT (Value Added Tax) is applicable in South Africa.  I have tested SA 2011 which is OK with the sales (output VAT) tax side, but not the purchases (Input tax) side.  The only requirement is that it processes input VAT to a separate VAT account, usually from payable invoices, which it does not.  Is there a work-around because this unfortunately makes it a non-starter for me?

2. Will the data upgrade from 2004 to 2011?



  • 1) You need to set up 2011 like you did in 2004.  The sales tax setup for the tax codes (Setup, Settings, Company, Sales Taxes, Tax Codes and then double-click any code) determines what happens during purchases vs. sales.  If you compare this screen with your 2004 version, it will show you need to set the Is Refundable column to Yes.  This will take the VAT you pay and put it in the account you referenced under Taxes.

    2) Only if your 2004 version is the same country as the 2011 version.  Years ago there was a Canadian English, Canadian French, US, Australian and International.  I cannot remember when they changed things and discontinued the International and Australian versions but if you downloaded the Canadian version, it will probably not convert if you are using the International Version.  To figure this out, since you have the 2011 version running, take a copy of your current files and convert them with the 2011 version.  This will tell you two things.  First, if your files will convert and b, what the sales tax set up is.  The sales tax setup will convert for you as well as all your old data so it should still calculate properly.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for your prompt response Richard, I have the international version of 2004.

    1. On the VAT, I cannot find the "Is Refundable" option on the 2011 version - it is there with the 2004 one.  Also in 2004, there is the ability to enter different Sales and Purchases tax accounts.  This is not in itself a problem, as one can easily enter two codes, but otherwise I cannot repeat the set-up of the 2004 version in the 2011 one.  The problem therefore remains that tax on purchases is not separated out in the posted GL purchases journal.

    Am I looking at the right product / version?  I have connected (about 4 times) through the CITRIX "Try Me" option on SA 2011 Pro, so don't have it installed locally.  Is the 30-day trial different?


  • 1) I am not quite clear on your description.  Prior to version 9, on a sales or purchase data entry screen, we could enter a 3 for VAT on top of the dollar amount entered and then something in the PST column.  In version 9 and higher (came out the year before SA 2004), we could enter one code that combined taxes.  For you, I believe you are only dealing with one tax.  In 2004 select Setup, System Settings, Sales Taxes.  You will now see the taxes you are responsible for.

    You should see a Tax column, Tax ID... colun, Exempt.... Is this tax taxable, Acct to tack Tax Paid..., Account to track tax charged... and Report on Taxes.

    At the top you should see a tab called Tax Codes.  Click on it.

    This is the code you use on the data entry screen.  Double-click any code and you will see a column at the far right for Is Refundable.  Your's should be set to Yes I believe so the purchase VAT will show on the balance sheet, not part of the purchase.

    Since you have been working with a "trial" Try Me version (I had no idea this existed, I thought you had downloaded a trial version and were running on your system), the same path to get there is Setup, Settings, Company (at the left), Sales Taxes, Tax Codes.  Again double-click one to see the calculation.  At the far right, it will show you the Is Refundable option.

    Now if you are using the sample Universl.sai file on the 2011 version, then you should already have the taxes set up properly but if you created your own file, then you need to get right down to the level where you see the calculation by double-clicking the code.

    Because it is the International 2004 version, I am thinking you may not be able to convert but someone from Sage should jump in on this and let you know for sure.  I don't believe there is still an International version.

  • Thanks again Richard,

    I must be pedantic here.  The 2011 system calculates taxes on purchases correctly, but does not post them correctly to the GL - it posts the values gross of tax to both creditors and costs.  I cannot find a "Is Refundable" option on the taxes set-up (and believe me, I have looked).  This does exist on the 2004 international version.

    Thanks for your help anyway.

  • No problem but it might help if you tell us what you do see.  In 2011 select Setup, Settings, Company, Sales Taxes, Tax Codes and you double click the tax code from the window called Settings, you get a dialog box called Tax Code Details.  It lists columns called Tax, Status, Rate, Included in Price and Is Refundable.  If you don't see all columns, you probably have a scroll bar at the bottom.  Select View, Restore window and see if it shows up.

    Hope this helps

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