Re: Installation Source for this product is not available

I too, am having a similar problem.

Each time I open Simply Accounting Pro 2010, it now asks if I want to download and install the update. Once downloaded, I apparently cannot install the update as I get the message:"The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it. C:\Windows\Installer\2c787e.msi"

I've tried installing several times with identical results each time. What is going wrong?



  • Hi Dale,

    I split your post into a new thread as it wasn't the same issue as the other user was experiencing. Are you using Windows XP? Vista? Windows 7? Are you on a payroll plan and require the latest payroll tax table update. If yes, please send me a private message with your client ID and company name. Once I've confirmed you're on a valid payroll plan, I can send you a private message with the direct link to the payroll tax table update for Simply Accounting 2010.

    If you downloaded the 2010 program recently, you can also try following this knowledgebase article.

    Hope this helps.

  • The fix in the following Microsoft Knowledgebase article worked for me:


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