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 Hoping someone can help. I have 3 active companies which all have the same username and password. All of a sudden the company I use maybe once a month says my username and or passwork are invalid. does not except the sysadmin username or password either. However can be used on the two other companies. Why would this be?

  • Hi yorkexcavating,

    What version of Simply Accounting are you using? If you're using the same username and password for all your files and you can't log into 1 of the 3 files, there may be a chance the file is damaged. If the file is damaged, entering in the correct username and password when logging into the file may result in the invalid username and password prompt. If you're using Simply Accounting version 8.0(aka Simply 2001) to 2007, the database that was being used was Microsoft Access. If you were logged into your Simply Accounting company file and a power outage or Windows update occurred this can cause corruption to the company file. It is always a good idea to create backups regularly in case the file does get damaged or something unexpected happens i.e. computer failure, hard drive crash, etc. Starting in Simply Accounting 2008 we switched over to a MySQL database as this database is more stable and any power outages or Windows Updates that occur while you have the file open will generally not cause corruptions for the most part.

    You can try restoring the latest backup and see if you can get the file open. If you're successful in restoring the backup any entries posted after the backup was created, will need to be re-entered in the file. My colleague wrote a blog about how to find your files using the Windows Search. You can click HERE to view the blog. If you can't locate a backup or don't want to restore a backup, you can try contacting Code 6 Programming which is a data repair company that fixes damaged databases. Click on Contact on the Code 6 website and it should provide you with contact information.

    You can try contacting Support at 1-888-522-2722 and ask if a password override can be done on the file. As support isn't a free service, this may be chargeable if the support agent is able to get you in the file after the password override is done and if you're not on a support plan. Please keep in mind the password override removes the password for the file the override is performed on(we can only do password overrides on 1 file at a time) and not all of your files. If the password override is successful, you'll need to re-setup the passwords again. Without knowing what version you're currently running, you may find the support agent may not do the override for you if you're using a version that is no longer supported. We currently support Simply Accounting 2008 and 2009 at this time, so you may need to go with the other options I discussed above earlier.

    I hope this helps.

  •  Hi thanks for your help. I did figure out eventually.

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