How to delete Journal Entries?

Is there any way to delete Journal Entries (basically I made about 10 changes to the same transaction, in order to get it right but now there are 100's of skipped J-enteries. Basically there not sequential anymore, is there any way to clean/delete unused Journal Entries?

  •  Hi,

    In General Journal, where you make Journal Entries, you'll find an icon, on the icons bar, that says: "Adjust previously posted entry (Ctrl+A)".

    click on the icon, find the entry you need to delete and, right to the right of that icon there is the "Reverse entry" icon; click on it to reverse your entry.

    You'll find the same "Void entry" in other journals, like AP,AR, etc.

    the J's will display "All" if you select "Corrections" in the report options.

    Let me know if it works for you.

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