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K, here's my delemma. I had my computer reformatted and only had 1 set of backups (on floppy) for my Simply books. When I got my computer back, I thought that I had to reinstall Simply, not realizing that the techs had made a backup of my hard drive and Simply was already somewhere on my system, in a hidden folder.

 Anyway, in the meantime, while looking for the disc, I grabbed one that said Simply Basic 2004 and restored my floppies onto this. Once I did this bonehead move, I realized that I had a newer version of Simply, Version9. Too little too late. My floppies are no longer useful, and every time I want to work in Simply I have to stick this 2004 disc in the drive in order to bring up the screen.

 My delemma is that I have to give a "copy" of this to the accountants, but I can't make any copies whatsoever. If I give up this disc to them, then I am scr**ed because I can no longer do any more book work until I get this disc back.

 Can anyone help me figure out what I can do to get my data into the newer version so that I can resume making backups?


  • I am not clear on what you are trying to give your accountant vs. what version of Simply you are trying to use. 

    First thing I don't understand, Simply 2004 is two years newer than version 9 (released around 2002).  Which version is your original file and which is the actual version installed on the computer?

    Second, I am not sure why your floppies are no longer good.  Can you not copy the files on each floppy in the backup set to a new and separate folder on the hard drive and restore from there?

    Third, what are you trying to give the accountant?  If you have a file on your hard drive then open it up in Simply and back it up and put in on something other than a floppy (30 year old technology now) and send it to the accountant.  A backup file less than 10 meg (the file will have a cab extension) will usually be able to be emailed if you like.  Burn a CD or use a memory stick but don't use floppies to do new backups.

    Lastly, your accountant should never be telling you to stop processing while they have your books unless they are doing work in your live file and giving it back to you.  Normally for year end issues, you give the accountant a copy of the file and keep on working in the new year.  Then they give you some entries to make into last year when they are completed and you post on your file into the previous year.  So I am not sure why you cannot work on your books while they have a copy of your files.

    Hope this helps

  • Um you somewhat helped. K, just ignore the fact that I have v.9. I cannot open the Simply icon on my desktop unless I insert the cd. (which is a copied cd of Simply Basic 2004). The floppy no longer works because once I restored from it, I now get errors when I try to use it again. I cannot do any new backups whether I use floppies of cd's.

     The only way I can open my work is by double clicking on My Computer, double clicking on My Disc, double clicking on the Winsim folder, double clicking on Winsim icon, then answering yes to opening up these files.

     I know floppies are a thing of the past, but I found them handy because every time I did work, I immediately did a backup on the floppies just in case something should happen and I didn't want to lose all of my work. The only reason I wouldn't be able to continue entering the paperwork would be because as I said, the accountants would have the only disc that I would need in order to open the program. I would be giving them the cd that contains the entire 2007 year so that they can do the year-end and T4's.

     However, I took the cd to my work and was able to copy it there. For some weird reason it would not let me copy it in my own computer. I have copied and/or backed up other stuff so it isn't my drives, in case you were going to suggest that.

    All in all, this still doesn't solve the fact that I cannot just open up the program without having to put that cd in the drive.

  • Under most circumstance, you cannot open a Simply 2004 data file directly on a CD.  Therefore your data file must be on your hard drive.  This means the actual running program is on the CD.  Why you have a CD of the installed Simply 2004 and not a CD of the installation program is interesting.  This is one I've never seen in 15 years of consulting.

    So, first issue.  How do you get your files to the accountant.  Where are the files?  It does sound like you can open the files when you get Simply running.  So do so and then go to File, Properties and this dialog box will tell you the location and filename of the data file.  If it shows the same drive letter as your CD, then I will only be able to help by seeing your computer I think.  I assume it will show the C:\ drive instead.

    If you can do this and it shows the C: drive, you can do a File, Backup and send it to the c:\ drive.  If the resulting file is smaller than 10 meg, then email the file to the accountant.  If it is larger, you will probably have to burn a CD or find some other way to get it to them (you can try floppies but if you do, format all floppies immediately before you backup to them even if they are new and say formatted).

    Then you can try to figure out why you are using the CD as the source of the program and why it is not installed on your hard drive.  Right-click the icon on your desktop and look at the Target.  If it says C:\... then you should not need the CD but it may be trying to reinstall each time you load it and if that is the case you have a problem on you system and you should get a consultant to look at it.

    Hope this helps

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