How to stop 0 balance statements from printing.

I have done the process of printing the aged AR list and then selecting only the accounts that owe for statements, but I have close to 100 customers that I have to do this for, and over 200 customers in the system so it's very time consuming.  I read through a few posts that say to change the setting in options to include payments paid in _ days to 0 and I have done that but it still is not working.

This is a serious flaw that is driving me nuts, any help?

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  • Mara, personally, I don't agree with Gregg's solution unless you have explored other alternatives.  The settings you are talking about should be under Setup, Settings, Receivables (Customers and Sales), Options.  Set the "Include invoices paid in the last xxx days on statements" option to zero days.

    If you are then running statements and Select All customers and you still get customer statements for people who do not owe you money, then the logic dictates that they still have unpaid invoices.  A zero balance does not necessarily mean the invoices are paid.  You can have an invoice for $100 and a credit invoice for -$100.  The balance owing is zero but if there are no payments against the invoices, they are not paid and will still show on a statement.

    Open Receipts, select a customer that should not print a statement and see if any invoices show up.  If so, pay them against each other so the total is zero and not journal entry is posted.  Then try to print  a statement for that customer.

    If this is the reason you are having problems, then even Gregg's idea will not work because he is suggesting you clear paid transactions but if they are not can't clear them.  If you solve this, then you never have to do Gregg's solution.

    Unfortunately, you did not indicate if the problem statements have a zero balance or not but if they do, then I would check out this alternative.

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