How to stop 0 balance statements from printing.

I have done the process of printing the aged AR list and then selecting only the accounts that owe for statements, but I have close to 100 customers that I have to do this for, and over 200 customers in the system so it's very time consuming.  I read through a few posts that say to change the setting in options to include payments paid in _ days to 0 and I have done that but it still is not working.

This is a serious flaw that is driving me nuts, any help?

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  • Mara

    Best practise here is to SAVE A COPY and call it STATEMENT RUN


    GO to MAINTAiNENCE slide down to CLEAR DATA and clear out all PAID invoices for all customers

    then run your statements

    repeat procedure at each month end.

    IF customers are still printing that have zero balance then go into receipts and clear our old invioices against credit notes.

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