Issue with credit note

Hello Everyone,

I created an invoice for a customer and then processed receipt for this invoice. Mistakenly, I later cancelled this invoice and the system automatically created a credit note. Moreover, later I created another invoice so that this receipt could be recorded and again processed this receipt against the new invoice.

I can go to the receipts journal and process the credit note. But this does not make sense to me.This would credit our bank, when we have not actually paid the credit note. How do I deal with this situation?

I would really appreciate any help.


  •  Hi Jen Guo,

    When a paid sales invoice is reversed, the system will automatically create a credit notes as there is no invoice to reverse (paid already)  The credit notes is actually a negtaive invoice.  This negative invoice offset the original one.

    When you open the receipt windows for that customer, you see a negative invoice, the credit notes, sitting there.  You only need to apply the amount under amount received.  The entry will then offset your original receipt. 

    The general idea is:

    Original invoice is offset by the credit notes
    Original receipt is offset by the receipt to the credit notes

    The net result is zero

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Keith.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    I wanted to make sure what I am doing is right becuase when I looked at the transaction , processing the credit note credited the bank and debited the accounts receivable. As you said, it is a result of offsetting the previous transaction.

  •  Hi Jen,

    You are correct.

    For the original receipt, it will debit the bank account and credit the account receivable

    For the receipt you post against the credit notes (negative invoice), it will debit the account receivable and credit the bank account. 

    Therefore, they offset each other and the net result is zero.

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