Error:1628 Failed to complete installation

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Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition
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Error:1628 Failed to complete installation

  • I have tried installing 2010 simply and i keep getting this error. I have disabled my virus protection and cleared my cache.  Is there something else I am missing?


  • Hi Sherry,

    Did you download the 2010 program from the Simply Accounting website or are you using an installation CD? If you downloaded it from the Simply Accounting website, what is the name of the file you downloaded for the 2010 program? Is it SA_2010ACP1.exe? SA_2010BCP1.exe? What is the file size? Are you using Windows XP? Vista? Windows 7? This issue could be related to a partial download of the program or the product update for 2010 was downloaded instead of the program.

    If this doesn't apply to you, try following THIS knowledgebase article.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I've tried all the steps in the KB article you suggested and still no remedy.


    I'm trying to install SA_2010CCPU1.EXE and get  "Error:1628 Failed to complete installation" same as the original post

    It is a Windows 7 machine

    Do you have any other ideas for me? 

  • Hi gpeters,

    Try going through the following steps:

    Step 1: Click the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen, click on Control Panel, then select Local Security Setting.

    Step 2: On the panel of Local Security Setting click on Software Restriction Polices. Then in the right hand column double click on enforcement.

    Step 3: Under the topic of enforcement, Apply software restriction policies to the following user make sure you click on "to all users except local administrators".


    After going through these steps, try re-installing Simply Accounting 2010.


    Hope this helps.




  • Tried it and still does not work. I already tried to uninstall SA but can't do that either. Get an error. When I try to reinstall SA I get 

    Setup could not find a file on the specified path or disk

    Please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path

    Unable to locate file C:\Program Files (x86)\Simply Accounting by Sage Setup Files CDN\Simply\SA2010.msi


    The file does exist in that folder it is looking. What else can I try? 

  • Hi gpeters,

    After looking into this further I suspect you downloaded the Simply Accounting 2010 product update from the website (the filename for the 2010 product update would be SA_2010CCPU1.exe and the file size would be 132 MB). If you're trying to install the Simply Accounting 2010 program, the file name should be SA_2010CCP1.exe with a file size of 350 MB. You can download the full 2010 program here (which includes Release C) at this link. After downloading this to the desktop, try double clicking the SA_2010CCP1.exe and go through the installation wizard.

    Hope this helps.

  • That is not the case. All I was trying to do is install the update at first (Release C) but since it did not work I tried reinstalling SA as suggested by the KB you pointed to above.

    I will download SA with Release C and try it again. 

  • Now when I try to install SA_2010CCP1.exe I get this message 

    simply error


    When I try to uninstall I get this message

    simply error


    What else can I try? 


  • Here is what I did

    Force uninstall Simply Enterprise 2010 Release B with Revo Uninstaller Pro

    Install Simply Entreprise 2010 Release C

    Everything seems to be working now

  • I am having this same problem with the 2011 payroll updates.

    I have followed all of the steps outlined in the KB article mentioned above, and also in this forum post.

    I am running Simply Accounting 2011 Release B on Windows 7 Home Premium (so I couldn't adjust the software security settings as Andrew mentioned above, actually).

    The installer repeatedly stalls with the error message: "1628 Failed to complete installation".

    Any assistance at all is appreciated.

  • I looked into this a bit further on the Flexera Software site (the company that makes the software that is used to install Simply Accounting on systems) and came across this recent article: Q105803: PRB: 1628 Error During Run Time. The article states, "This is a general MSI failure error that is caused by the uninstall log being deleted from the system.To get more information, create a log file during run time." So my getting this error seems to be related to the installer not writing (or not being able to write?) an installation log. Anyone have any insight into where it might be trying to write the log to, or why it might not be writing the log?

  • I'm a bit loathe to do this, but it seems to me the best option here is to uninstall Simply Accounting, and then reinstall it.

    I find this to be the solution a bit too often with Simply Accounting. Does anyone have any insight into how to make SA less "fragile", so as to avoid this uninstall/install dance in the future, or how I might better be able to resolve problems like this?

  • Argh. Then when I try to uninstall Simply Accounting, I get this error message: "An error occurred while trying to uninstall Sage Simply Accounting 2011. It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove Sage Simply Accounting 2011 from the Programs and features list?"

    What do I do now? Is there a way to manually uninstall Simply Accounting?