How do I delete products from the inventory?

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition
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How do I delete products from the inventory?

  • Hello,

    I've been entering hundreds of items into inventory on simply accounting and have now realized that there are a bunch that are duplicates.  I need to delete the duplicate items from inventory.  I've searched the help files and wasnt' able to find the answer.



  • Hello Cindy,

     If the inventory item was not used in a transaction and has no quantity you can open the item record and delete it by clicking the garbage can icon in the toolbar (CTRL+R). 

    If the item has been used in a transaction you can not remove it this way as it is tied to other records.  What we recommend in this case, is inactivate the record and remove it without issue in two years time.  The alternative is to remove inventory tracking data through the maintenance menu so you can remove the item BUT you will lose the ability to recall and adjust all Sales and Purchase transactions this item was used in which is extremely inconvenient and not recommended.  Not having the ability to reprint or adjust an invoice if necessary is for most businesses too great a cost for removing the item(s) and they opt to just inactivate it and remove in two years.

  •  Have there been any updates to this procedure in the last 2 years? I have just started using 2011 and am also looking to delete obselete items, customers and vendors.

  •  The progress for inventory is that now you don't have to clear all the related history, you can just delete items.

    If you are using SA 2011, make a backup, and have at it.

    It may be better to tag customers and vendors as 'inactive' rather than deleting.   Unless they're really gone, sometimes they come back.   There's also a 'merge' feature now, too, if you have a customer or vendor that has merged with another.



  •  Question: What if I'd like to delete several (+100) items at once, but selecting a batch and then delete them all at the same time (no history transactions).

    Is that possible, or there is only one way to do it and it's one by one?



  •  No, sorry, there's no way to do that directly through the Simply Accounting interface. 

    I've used AutoHotKey for a client who wanted to remove about a thousand items.  It took a couple of days to learn the scripting language, a day to write and test the script, and it ran overnight on the test machine.  In the end we decided to rewrite the script to only mark the items as 'inactive'.

    It's a matter of some amazement to me that unless we shut down and go into Single User Mode, the software designers won't let us flag a part number as 'Inactive'.  Yet we can edit part numbers, descriptions, etc. during the work day with no trouble.  When we spot a number that we don't need any longer, we put 'ZZZ' in front of it.  We can still see what it was, and it's easy to go through and mark them 'inactive' or delete them fairly quickly, at the end of a day, after we do our backup.

    If you have all the items to delete in alphabetical order, it's fairly quick (and mindless) to repeatedly press Control-R, Y, <Enter>. 

    It's easy to write a keyboarding script just send those three keystrokes a few seconds apart.  I found it more difficult is to write a safe script that will find the right screen, then locate the correct inventory item, then check that it actually found the item, then check that it's still in the right window, then delete the item, see the dialog box and select 'Y' only if it's the expected message box, then wait for the next expected window, then click on Ok, then do the next item.

    Sage should enhance the maintenance functions for lists.  Perhaps something that would select all inactive items for deletion, or select and delete anything with zero on hand and no activity since 2007, etc.  It would have to be done carefully, but it could be done.

    Hope that helps,


  •   Is there a setting I need to change before I can delete items?

    For some reason I am still getting the message that the item is being tracked and cannot be removed until data is cleared.

    Thanks very much for your assistance!

  •  Is the item on any open sales or purchase orders?

    Usually, if the Quantities tab is all zeros, you can delete the item.  (in SA 2011)

    If the item is part of a recurring transaction anywhere, that could also be the reason that it's being 'Tracked'.

    In any case, the 'ZZZ' prefix is one way to make it more obvious that one of these items is being used anywhere.

    There are ways to navigate through the raw data and find where these items are, as well, but no handy report.

  •  How would I know if it is part of a recurring transaction? I have not set up anything like that as far as I know. Would you be willing to explain a little more about how I can find these items by going through the raw data like you mention?

    It seems I can only delete items that have never had any transactions. I just created a test item and deleted it without any trouble.

  • I did some testing with Simply Accounting 2010, release D, Accountant's Edition, with a file created as an Enterprise Edition:

     - Deleted several part numbers, no problem.

     - Created a part number, bought one, sold one, deleted no problem.

     - Created a part number, put on a quote, deleted no problem.

     - Created a part number, added to a sales order, would not delete "Item testitem3 cannot be deleted until it is removed from the following:"

    then it showed me which client order I had to delete it from. I stopped testing at this point.   I could delete every item I tried to, except the ones with a quantity on hand.

    If you've never used recurring transactions, that's not likely to be the issue. 

    Using ODBC to connect to the data will allow you to see the data directly, and view more fields in the data.  I had thought there might be a flag in every row of the database that would tell whether the item could be deleted, or not.

    I could delete every item I tried, that had a zero dollar value on hand, except if there was a pending purchase order or sales order.

    Which version and edition of Simply Accounting are you using?  It will tell you in Help | About. 


  • I am using version 2011 release C S/A Premium 2 users.

    I am afraid I am not savvy enough to understand your reference to ODBC.  Are there likely to be any inventory settings or linked accounts that would be blocking me?

    Trying to remove any zero balance customer or vendor also results in the msg that all transactions need to be cleared.

    Looks like I might have to call out a consultant or else just keep living with the ZZZ prefixes

    Thanks for your help and interest!

  •  Hi,

    "ODBC is all Geek to me".  You can connect to, and read, and modify, absolutely any data in Simply Accounting, using Microsoft Excel, and the ODBC that comes with Simply Accounting / Windows.  (and not with Quickbooks).  I also use XLGL by Logicim to get at any and all data in Simply Accounting easily.

    No, it's not an inventory setting or linked account that's stopping you.  I looked it up in the 2011 help (which I should have done first), deleting inventory works differently in SA2011 Pro / Premium, vs. SA2011 Enterprise.  In Pro or Premium, you have to clear the inventory tracking data first, and you can only clear it in large blocks - (i.e. up to 2006).  In Enterprise, deleting an item will automatically clear the tracking data for that single item. 

    Personally, I think the software needs the ability to merge duplicate records of any type.  I understand why it's not already a feature, merging an item is a task that seems simple until you consider that such a utility will have to modify data everywhere the item to be merged was ever used, and update all the related history values and totals for both the merged item, and the item that it is to be merged into. 

    I am going to build such a program.  When I'm done, I'll give it away as source code on the interweb, 'cause no-one should have to permanently delete data to clean up a mistake.

    When you inactivate an item in a list you get most of the benefit of deleting it.  It's gone from reports, pick lists, etc.   You also avoid the risk of deleting information that might be useful someday.  I only suggest the ZZZ thing because it works in multi-user mode.

    I hope that helps,