Simply Accounting Database engine error

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Simply Accounting Database engine error

  • i recently installed simply accounting Premium 2009 student version on my laptop running on win vista w/ the ff specs: 1.8 ghz w/ a 2gb ram w/ a 256 mb vc. i was trying to open the  "existing company" but when i click the file "start.SAI, it gives me the message: database engine timeout while serving the connection. please wait a moment and try again. 

    can somebody please explain to me why i cannot access the file from my hard drive? i already followed the steps regarding firewalls and tried to start / stop the connection manager, but no luck in my end. 

    can someone please HELP me??? thanks

  •  Ick! Vista!

    Seriously, Vista has more security features than XP, so it can be stubborn about letting you see your own stuff.  It seems a bit unfriendly and untrusting.

    Are you running as Administrator?

    Are the data files anywhere under \Program Files ?

    I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the Student version of the program, will it let you start the Simply program, then select 'open the sample company' or 'Create a New Company'

    And is there anything in the Event Log?  If you open the Simply Connection Manager and watch it while you try to open the file, does anything happen?  Any connections?  Databases in use?

    I hope that helps,


  • thanks randy....yes i am the administrator, i tried turning the simply accounting to xp compatible......then i tried to open the sample folder and click on the mission.sai file and after a few seconds,  got the message " the database engine time out while serving the connection. please wait a moment and try. and after more clicks....nothing happen....connection manager says its running, system service both yes.....

    anyone here care to give a help? thanks a lot....


  • I don't recall the full name and the Knowledgebase will not show me any articles that refer to it, but I recall having a problem with one system and I had to add an IP address (I think it was to the file.  It was called something like hosts.txt or something like that but I don't recall exactly where it is.

    Hopefully one of the Sage staff can fill in the correct name and location of the file if this is a proper option to explore.

    The other thing I found in the knowledgebase is the article  21823 about turning off  IPv6 protocol.

    Hope this helps

  •  Hi,

    Is this the article you meant:

    It suggests opening the HOSTS file (usually at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and making sure that there is only one 'localhost' entry, and it points to   Localhost

    Not really helpful in getting Simply Accounting running, but more information on the HOSTS file and what it does, and how to use it to keep bad stuff out of your computer:

    Hope that helps,



  • hi thanks but i already tried doin the local host thing...but i still couldnt access the sample file in my hard drive......this is what the message looks like:

  • That's the one Randy.  However, now that I have seen the error message, I don't believe I received it when I had the problem with Vista.

  • Alona,  This message and the fact you can't get into the sample file, means the Connection Manager is not running properly.  You need to open it to see if the service is started.  You can get it from the icon in the systray if it has not been closed.  In your image above it is the third from the left.  Click on it and see whether the sevice is started (I think 2009 could do this).  If it is not started, then there is a button that says Start Service.  You need to be logged in as administrator to do this.  If this doesn't work or you have tried it, then one of the Sage staff will probably have to help.

    Hope this helps

  •  i tried clicking on the icon you mentioned and it says:

    Runnng: yes

    System service: yes

    Total connection: 0

    Active companies: 0

    Port: 13531

    Connection Manager says: STop service,,,

    if i press stop then i couldnt get SA to work....

    please help Sage staff...i really need to get this working in my computer badly....





  • I should have probably mentioned that if you store your Simply data files on your computer, then the Connection Manager on your computer is where you look.  If you store your files on a different computer, you need to go to that computer.  If the Connection Manager is not running on the computer where your data files are located, you need to install it from the original CD.  Just run the normal installation and answer No you don't run Simply on this computer.  Then try again. 

    Clicking on stop will definitely prevent you from loading a Simply file.  Were you able to get the sample file universl.sai open on your computer?

  • I am also in the same situation and have not found SAGE support very useful.  Same error, same system setup, same issue with connection manager.  If SAGE support could provide a command line tip to by-pass the connection manager to see what is at fault it would be useful.

    Like many databases ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Manager) can be where the issue sits.  The connection manager is the problem and not the instance of MySQL installed.

    I too am waiting hopelessly for an answer as I have found there are MANY people in this same situation without success.

  •  Hi, except for the moderators, none of the people in this forum are Sage employees.  We try to help when / where we can though.

    The connection manager appears to work like this:

    You select the .SAI file and open it, either from the program or not.  

    The file contents look like this:

    <CompanyType>14</CompanyType><DataCountryType>1</DataCountryType> <FiscalStartDate>20091201</FiscalStartDate><FiscalEndDate>20101130</FiscalEndDate> <SessionDate>20101130</SessionDate><LatestTransactionDate>20101130</LatestTransactionDate></root>

    There is no accounting data in this file, the data is in the database folder with the .SAJ extension.

    The program works something like this: 

    The Simply Accounting program doesn't read the data directly, it passes information about the location of the .SAI file to the Connection Manager, which acts as a database client.   The Connection Manager speaks MySQL, so when it asks for the data, a program called MySqld-NT.exe starts up, which acts as a database server, and reads the actual database data and passes it to the Connection Manager.

    The pieces of software don't have to be on the same computer, or even running the same operating system.  They communicate directly, using TCP/IP, not through the Windows file system or SMB protocols.

    The issues you and others experience are due to some of these parts being prevented from communicating, usually by firewall or other anti-malware software, whether built into Windows or purchased as an add-on.  Some of these packages do everything so 'automatically' that it can be difficult to know what is happening. 

    It is my understanding that Sage will assist with installation and setup.  If you've tried that route and had no success, please post back.  Keep in mind that the majority of people installing and running Simply Accounting, on the same operating system that you are, experience no difficulties. For them it just works.  The Sage support people can help, but also keep in mind they have no control over the thousands of other programs that you may have installed, and the hundreds of settings that you can change, that could block the software from running properly.  If their software runs properly, on a bare install of XP, with 99.9% of systems, why should they have some responsibility for fixing your computer?

    (I used to work for Cantax, doing tech support, so I feel their pain.  I also use software all day, every day, so I feel yours also.  This forum is most useful if we look for solutions, not blame.)  I am flat out amazed by the amount of time someone will spend troubleshooting software on a particular computer that has all sorts of software accreted onto it. You can pick up a good used laptop with XP Pro loaded on it, and nothing else, delivered, for $300.00 or so.  I remember when a nice Compaq XT was $6,000.00 with the CGA monitor, the 20 MB hard drive.  Those were worth troubleshooting, at the time.  Today's stuff usually just isn't.