Exporting to a .pdf format


A few clients asked me recently how they can export their invoices to a .pdf format so I thought I would share the solution with everyone.  There are various reasons why exporting transactions or reports to a .pdf file is useful.  The most common use is email.  We can already email invoices but how about reports or paycheques?  With this technique, you will be able to email anything that can be printed from Simply Accounting.

First we need to install a PDF Writer.  There are many (free) PDF writers available for download.  At the end of the article I will provide a couple of links to some commonly used writers.  You can use any PDF Writer, I just thought I would save you guys some Googling time and post a couple of links.  Once it’s installed, let’s export something from Simply Accounting, we’ll use Reports as an example. 

Go to Setup-Reports & Forms.  Reports will be selected by default on the left side.  In the “Printer:” selection field, choose the newly installed PDF Writer (it should now be showing in the list of printers).  Once it’s selected, click OK to close the Reports & Forms window.  Guess what – we’re done!  All you need to do now is run the report you wish to export and print it.  Once you select Print you will notice that it’s now asking you where you wish to save the file.  Choose a location and instead of the report coming out of your printer, a .pdf file is created containing that report!  You can now attach that file to an email and send it to anyone. 

The exact same procedure will be used for any other form, just go to Setup-Reports & Forms, select the form and change it’s printer to the PDF writer.  If you want to print the form, just go back to Setup-Reports & Forms and change the printer back to your actual printer!  It’s a pretty easy procedure but it can be very useful.  Now have a great summer everyone and don’t work too hard!

PDF Writer download links:

CutePDF Writer - CLICK HERE 


  • Hi guys, I don't know what I did wrong, but I couldn't get it to work. I downloaded both writers [tried CutePDF first, but it didn't work, so then tried PDF creator] I followed your instructions to the letter, but when I tried to choose the CutePDF or the PDFCreator, neither one of them showed up in my list of available printers. Help?
  • Thanks so very much. This works great. This will help with many more applications that I need to email on a regular basis. Thanks for the info. Mary