Zero net pay employee not shown on reports

An employee wanted to repay a company loan by having the entire net pay amount of his check deducted and applied to his loan balance. On his lines on the "pay multiple employees" screen I entered the net pay amount as a miscellaneous deduction and the result should have been a check for zero dollars and cents. 


To verify entries before I print the paychecks I run a "Select Employees to Pay Preview Report" from the "Print/Report" option. When I did this, neither the employee's name nor his pay and deduction info appeared on the report, and his info was not included in the company totals. I didn't know if after I printed the checks this info would be included in our data or not - payroll register, his W-2, etc. - so I changed the miscellaneous deduction to be a penny less than the net pay amount, and his name and pay info then appeared on the report, showing $0.01 net pay.


Even though his info didn't appear on the report, the "Preview/Checks" screen showed a check for him that was marked "VOID".


This situation will happen again, so I need to know, would his pay and deduction info have been included in our payroll data if I hadn't revised the check? I am using PT Pro 2009.



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