what minimum upgrade (from Peachtree 2004) will run on Windows 7?

I provide payroll service to small businesses.  I have Peachtree 2004 (windows xp platform) and have purchased a new computer with windows 7.  I figured I should upgrade my software at this time.  But, since I only use the payroll function, and I'd long since stopped purchasing the tax service (I input my own payroll tax formulas)--I don't want to spend a lot.


What's the minimum upgrade I'll need to run on Windows 7 and allow me to input my own tax tables?  Also, I've been told that after 2007, Peachtree no longer allows you to use the standard format W-2s  (two on a page).  I like that type--especially since I can order them at no cost from the IRS.



  • Peachtree 2010 (SR1) is the first version of Peachtree that is stated to be Windows 7 compatible. When upgrading you must stay with the same flavor that you are currently using or higher. So, if you are using Peachtree Complete 2004 then you will have to upgrade to Peachtree Complete 2010 as a minimum. You are welcome to call us and we can confirm the level that you are currently using and then list all of your upgrade options including price quotes. As Peachtree Certified Consultants it is both of our interests to match you with the right product and to provide you with competitive pricing. So contact us via e-mail support@pcosupport.com or call us 1-800-780-0700. This consult will be of no cost to you and can only benefit you, regardless of when and where you should decide to buy.
  • Beginning with version 2007, Peachtree started using "print and sign" tax forms.  As a result, you no longer have the ability to modify tax forms or print them after your subscription has expired.  The up-side is that everything except the federal copy of the W2 can be printed on plain paper.


     Also, you can manually enter your tax tables in any version.  But without a current tax subscription, you can only access the user maintained tax table (formerly called the company tax table) you are locked out of the Peachtree Maintained tax table (formerly called the global tax table).  So unless you want to rewrite formulas from scratch, you will need to make sure your tax formulas are set up in the right table.



  • Thank you Mr. Collins for your response. 

    Are you saying that I'll need to keep buying 'tax update?' subscriptions to be able to print w-2s, or after I've purchased one, that I can't just modify the form and get it to print in future years.  And since the federal w-2 is 'two-per-page' format, then I guess that's saying the software is capable of printing two-per-page w-2s?  I just don't want to spend a lot on software and then, in order to do the things I need to do (payroll, w-2s, 1099's ) have to incur an annual expense.  Maybe I'm not understanding clearly. 

  • Thank you for your response.


    Regarding 'staying with the same flaor' package, I'm using Peachtree First Accounting 2004.  Talking with someone today, I'm told that only Peachtree 'complete' will allow me to perform payroll functions.  I'll wait to talk with someone next week and see if I can get some clarity.  I don't want to purchase the software and then find out it's not what I need.



  • Peachtree prints Federal W2 forms based on 4 per page using plain perforated paper with instructions printed on the reverse side. The Federal 1099 form continues to be printed on the standard preprinted red ink forms that print 2 per page.
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