User Maintained Tax Tables vs. Peachtree Maintained

I have the payroll tax service.  How come I still have to update my user maintained tax tables?  How do I change the system to look at the Peachtree Maintained Tax Tables and not the user maintained tables?  I am running Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing 2010.

  • Click on File; click payroll formulas; they should be there

  • The files are there, but I have to copy the formulas to my user maintained ones in order for them to work with payroll.  How can I make payroll look at the Peachtree formulas instead of the user maintained formulas.

  • The Peachtree Maintained Tax Tables will be used by all companies that you have set up on Peachtree.  They do not need to be copied to the User Maintained Tax Table.  The User Maintained Tax Table is only for things that are unique to your company, such as state unemployment, and non-tax calculations like 401k or vacation.


    If you copy the Peachtree Maintained Tax Tables to your User Maintained Tax Tables, you will be defeating the purpose of the subscribing to payroll tax updates.  When the same tax name exists in both tables, the User Maintained entry will over ride the Peachtree Maintained entry.  That is done so that you can make customizations for your company.  But if you do it with all taxes, then future updates to the Peachtree Maintained Tax Tables, will be ignored, in favor of your User Maintained Tax Table.

  • I didn't always subscribe to the payroll tax updates, so the tables were set up in user maintained.  So, now that I have the subscription to the tax tables I should delete the user maintained ones?  Will the program then automatically look at the Peachtree tables instead?

  • There is no need to delete the user maintained tax tables for prior years.  But make sure the only 2011 entries in user maintained are the ones that should be there: unemployment, vacation, sick, 401k/IRA, etc.

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