2013 Service Release #1 Won't Install-No Sage 50 Products Detected on Computer

I am trying to manually download 2013 Service Release #1 for Sage Premium Accounting for Distribution 2012 off of the Sage website.  Currently I show that I have the following:


Release:  Sage Peachtree Premium Account for Distribution 2012 (SR-3)

Installed Tax Service: 20121002

Registered Tax Service: 2013


When I try to install the 2013 Service Release #1 I get the following message:


No Sage 50 products were detected on your computer.  Before you can update a Sage 50 product, a previous version of the current release must be installed.


How do I get this update installed so I can run payroll?





  • The 2013 Service Release 1 is for the Sage 50 2013 product.  You are showing your release as Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2012 (SR-3) and the SR-3 is the latest version for this release of 2012. 


    If you are trying to get the payroll update, you need to ensure that you are registered for the 2013 payroll year.  You can verify this by going into Help - About Peachtree Accounting.  If you are registered, then your Registered Tax Service should reflect as 2013.

  • Ok, I figured out my issue.  I was trying to download the 2013 Release #1 on my 2012 version of Peachtree.  But I still cannot get my taxes to update when I am trying to process payroll!  I am up to date on our 2012 Peachtree which is service release #3. 


    I am going to post another question regarding the tax updates. 

  • I eventually figured out what I was doing.  My registered tax service is for 2013, installed service if 20122002.  I can't get my updates to work.  I get notification on Peachtree that an update will install when Peachtree is closed but nothing happens.  I tried entering my datapath under Start/Run but I get an error message saying that the location is unavailable..........I even copied and pasted the datapath. 


    This is very frustrating!

  • You can download the tax update manually here.  Make sure you download the one that corresponds to your version.  Remember to run the file after you download it to install the tax update. 

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