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We have several pay types.  One is when an employee is on a job site.  I need to get a report for job site hours and wages for the workman's comp audit.  Is there a way to do this?  I also need for the job number to be on the report.

  • Your best report will probably be the Payroll Register as it will list the hours and wages for each Pay Type.  However, it will show all Pay Types not just the job site type.  You can also add the Job Information column to the report to get the job number.  Once you get the info you need, you can then export the report to Excel and manipulate it to your liking.

  • Are you using the Job Costing portion of your program? 


    You can apply job numbers to the pay. You could use cost code ID's for different  types of labor!  Then JOB ledger  and other Job reports  would give you the detailed information you are looking for. 




  • I do use job numbers when I enter payroll, but I can't get the breakdown on different types of pay per job.  How do you do the cost code ID's?  Would this help me breakdown how much time goes to each pay type?  Or should I use a different GL account number for each pay type?  Thank you

  • I just tried this with Peachtree Complete 2012.  If you set up your jobs with cost codes, you can do this from Sage Peachtree Complete to Quantum.  You can follow the instructions for setting up the cost codes in the help section of your program. The cost codes could be the pay types. 


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  • Hi Shirley,


    Thank you for your response.  I have been playing around with phases and cost codes.  I am still figuring out the advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other.  Using cost codes seems to be more work when entering hours on the payroll with having two subfolders to go through.  The other thing that I noticed was that I have to change each job to use phases.  Is there a way to undo that check mark on the job?  Do you have any insight on using phases over cost codes?  The other idea that I came up with is to give each pay type its own GL number.  The disadvantage to this is all show up on the income statement instead of having one payroll total.  Years ago I used DacEasy and you were able to have detail accounts under a GL account.  This was a nice feature.  Since Peachtree and DacEasy are from the same company maybe they could put this feature in.  We are using 2010 for Manufacturer now, but will be updating to 2012 soon.  We have 6 different pay types with different hourly wage amounts for each type.  Does 2012 have a better option?  Should I wait until I update to start changing everything?

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