Problem with Sage 50 Installation

I am trying to install Sage 50 Accounting on a new computer for a small business. I installed the software yesterday, then tried to activate it, but the company was having issues with their activation so they said to try later. When I came in today to activate the software, I click on the icon and now get a message that says "Sage 50 could not be started. Please try again later.  If it cannot be started contact Customer Support".  The program will not open at all.

I tried to contact Customer Service, but they could not give me a reason why it worked yesterday, no problems, but today it won't even open the program at all. They suggested we buy support, but I hate to pay for support if this is something I can fix easily.  I believe I installed the software correctly (followed the online screens) because it was working fine yesterday.

Has anyone ever seen this problem and is there an easy fix? How can I at least get the program to open?  I could try to uninstall it and reinstall it if needed.


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