printing checks

we have 8 1/2 x 11 page- with checks printing on the top, and a signature line at the bottom right of the check.. will our checks be compatable with any peachtree sage accounting 2012 programs?


  • Good morning,

    We have Sage 50 Peachtree 2012 and our checks are 8 1/2" x 11" separated into three sections:  the top section is a stub that stays with the check, the middle section is the check itself with the signature to the bottom right within the middle section, then the bottom section which is another stub for us to keep.

    I don't know if the templates were 'canned' or whether we had to adjust the templates ourselves to accommodate our check stock.  It would seem, based on the other parts of Peachtree, that one would be able to customize a template to accommodate your check stock...but, I would have to leave that to the professionals to answer.  :)

    Best of luck,


  • I have checks that are printable on the top portion, and with a signature line on the bottom right of the check, the middle part is the portion that goes to the customer with the check attached, and the bottom portion is the part i keep... how can i get a spec sheet- to see if my checks will work with Sage?

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