1096 transmittal checks wrong box for 1099-MISC in box 6

The IRS Form 1096 (transmittal for 1099's)  for 2011 changed - there are now more types of 1099's listed in box 6, so the "x" for forms 1099-MISC should now be about an inch to the right - NOT where it was last year.


The Peachtree template didn't change, however, so now when I print the transmittal for Forms 1099-MISC, the "x" for form type is in the box for "1099-K" - not "1099-MISC."


When will this be corrected, or how do I work around this?


  • I'm also wondering when it will be corrected.


    My 1099 data is ready to print, just waiting for the fix to the 1096...  I hate having to wait... really messes with my schedule....

  • I worked around this by going to reports&forms -> forms -> tax forms, selecting "form 1096 preprinted" on the left and then clicking the "customize" button under the sample.  From there, you can see the 1096 fields with a number to the left of each.  Right click on "15" and select "properties" and then "advanced".  This will let you enter the vertical and horizontal offsets of the field (among other things).  I used 1.75 for the left position and that lined up with the 1099-misc box fairly well.

  • I just found this problem out today as well. It seems to me that for the money we spend on this product, there would be a quality control system in place to make sure this minor inconvenience doesn't happen. We as users should not have to re-design their "professionally" made forms so they work correctly. 


  • Yeah, I already did mine and I noticed the check in a different box than I expected but I am new to doing this and figured Peachtree new what they were doing and I was using their canned form so I just submitted it. I hope this doesn't end up causing a problem!

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