Peachtree file extension

Peachtree Accounting 2011 won't start on my Win7 x64 system after working fine for months,  I'm inclined to uninstall/re-install but I want to make sure I gather the essential files first and they're not jumping out at me in the obvious places.  The main issue is the extension Peachtree uses for its data file.  If I knew that I could track it down.  I also have several custom forms I'd like to save, too.  How do I find those?  Thanks.

  • Peachtree uses multiple file extensions but the main data ones are .dat.  Rather than go down the path you are thinking, try putting the disk in and choose the repair option.  It will resinstall over the top of your existing install and repair any isntallation issues. 

  • Woohoo!  The repair fixed the problem.  Thanks for the tip.  Although now Peachtree wants to re-install an update it got last week which I suspect has something to do with my now-fixed start-up problem, so I think I'll hold off on applying it.

  • And for future reference, the easiest way to copy and move a Peachtree company file is to make a backup (File, Backup) which will include any custom forms.  Then you can restore the backup and be sure you have everything.


    You should be making backups on a regular basis anyway in case something happens to your computer.  I've had a couple of clients recently lose data because of computer issues and they didn't have recent backups so had to recreate a whole bunch of data.  Bad news!




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