Peachtree Backup fails in Vista

I work on two companies, say A and B, with PT Quantum 2009, SR-4, on a network. On Vista machines (Business and Home Premium) I am able to backup company A but when I try to backup company B it bombs towards the end of backup. On Windows XP machines both backups work. Any ideas on how to resolve the Vista backup issue?


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  • To resolve all of your Vista problems, I would suggest moving to XP. XP is tried and true. Vista is a bomb.
  • What are you using for the backup - Peachtree's backup? Please define bombs - any error messages?

    What are you backing up to - local c dirve, local cd rom, etc?

    How big is each company?

    Does it back up if you backup directly to the local c-drive?

    If you do a "run as administrator" does it work differently?

  • Howard,


    I use Peachtree to backup to a network drive. Both companies take about 15 Meg to backup. The error I get is a Windows error that Peachtree excecution has been interrupted due to an error. I get the same behavior when I backup to a local drive. I have not tried to run it as administrator recently - but in the past that did not help. Again, in the same session I am able to backup one company - but not the other.



  • Make sure you have the latest Windows updates, Vista SP2, all critical updates and all recommended updates - check manually and do "Check online for updates from Microsoft update". If there are hardware updates listed, or in any case - like network interface, etc. - check your computer motherboard manufacturer for the updates and do them.


    Make sure you have the latest Antivirus, antispyware, firewall software and updates - not just signature table updates. Companies like Symantec try to be compatible with major software companies like Peachtree and do it with software updates. 


    After the updates you might want to try reinstalling Peachtree ("Run as administrator").


    Do this for the server and the workstations.


  • Check for foreign files in the Company B data folder versus those in Company A.  Seemingly you are attempting to compress or include files in one Company that do not exist in the other.  This is what I refer to as 'Foreign" files.  Files that are not Peachtree database files.
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