Error Importing Sales Journal in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2013

I am trying to import the sales invoices into Peachtree, showing that they are applied to specific sales orders. As soon as the Apply to Sales Order field is set to TRUE, I get an error:

"An error occurred importing the file SALES.CSV
This happened on:
Line Number: 3
Field Name: Apply to Sales Order

Press OK to skip record and continue..."

If I set this field to FALSE, the invoice is imported, but the distribution is shown under Apply to Sales tab instead of Apply to Sales Order tab.

I need to be able to apply the imported invoices to existing sales orders.

  • What does the TRUE FALSE stand for?   Usually it asks if the Item is inactive.  In this case, the answer False would be correct.  I would suggest adding titles to the columns.

  • I do have have titles on the first line of the CSV file. Just to see how the data should look, I exported a list of invoices first, and this field had TRUE on the lines with the items listed on the sales order, and FALSE on the sales tax and shipping lines. So I did the same.

  • That is great.   So what is True?   What is False?  They stand for something.


  • The Help file says:

    Boolean - If distribution is applied to sales order, then TRUE, otherwise FALSE.

    So, if there are multiple distribution lines, only lines with items from sales order are shown as TRUE.

  • Sometimes the import fails because of the field before the one reported.  


    Also do you have the exact number of fields being imported as were exported?  Are they in the correct order?

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