Password reset

One of our users is unable to log into Peachtree.  We are using Peachtree 2012.  I have even tried, as administrator, to reset his password.  He is still unable to log in.  Any ideas?

  • It might be too obvious, but are you sure he is typing his username correctly?  It is case sensative.  You should be able to see the username within security.  Other than that, you could inactivate his old username and create a new one.   You also may want to try logging in as yourself from the same machine to make sure that it does work. 

  • You've probably already double-checked the obvious: caps lock key is off, numlock key is on, same on both machines (or are you using one machine?).  Can he log on with the same machine you're using?  I agree with Bottom Line that it might help to remove him as a user altogether and start him over as a new user.  Good luck!

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