Simple Bank Reconciliation and Month Close Question

I haven't used Peachtree in 10 years and have a client that hasn't closed or reconciled bank accounts in months. The current month is set to September 30, 2011. When I open the bank reconciliation module there are unreconciled items going back to April. I have almost reconciled up to September now and want to close that period and move on to the next. Two issues: 1) I can't see anything past September 30 in the bank reconciliation screen even though I know that activity has continued on through the current day and 2) want to close down September reconciliation and month and set up to reconcile through December 31, 2011.


I think all I need to to do once I am reconciled is click "OK" on the reconciliation screen and change the period under "Tasks, Systems, Change Accounting Period" to December 31, 2011 but, I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Can anyone confirm or give advice otherwise?


Thanks in advance.

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