Peachtree Database error Windows Server 2008 RC2



I work for a small print shop, and we have Peachtree installed on several of our computers, varying from Win 7, Win XP, to Server 2008 RC2. Peachtree works on the majority of these platforms, however we have been experiencing a database error on the server 2008 machine. The Server 2008 machine is also the computer that holds the company information for Peachtree. I have been browsing these forums for help since I started in November. I have modified the registry keys for the "truncated file name" fix in hopes of being able to point Peachtree towards the correct folder with the truncated file name. I have done several re-installs, which does allow seeminly temporary access to peachtree, but eventually I get the same error claiming there is a database error, restart your computer to fix this problem. It is becoming rather frustrating to have to spend the 15-20mins uninstalling then reinstalling the software for it to work on this station, which also puts the other users out for the same time untill Pervasive is reinstalled.


Any help is certainly appreciated, I am willing to try anything, and do have a good understanding of how computers work, and am confident in completing any type of solution(ie registry editting, file permissions, firewall exceptions etc).


Please help! This does seem like an active community so I do look forward to trying to come up with the answer! Thanks!

  • Windows Server 2008 RC2 ( pre release candidate 2 for the original 2008 server) or Windows Server 2008 R2 (latest Windows Server version)?


    Big difference. You should not be using RC2. It was only for testing and is not supported.


    What version of Peachtree are you using?

  • Thanks for responding Howard!


    My mistake it is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.


    We are using Peachtree Accounting 2011.


    Any  help from here would be greatly appreciated!

  • Three items to start with:


    1. What are the error messages, which machines have the errors  and when do you get the errors?


    2. Have you done all the Microsoft and Peachtree updates including on the Server and including the non critical Microsoft updates?


    3. Is the server a domain controller with AD, DHCP, and DNS running?



  • None of the services are running, Active Directory, DNS or DHCP, on this machine. Any ideas?


    Oh, and yes, all updates to both Server 2008 and Peachtree have been installed.


    The error message received is "The Peachtree database engine has encountered an error. To correct error, please restart

     your computer"


    Which I have done, several times, only once did a restart work. As I mentioned previously, restarting the computer is not a preferable solution as other users access the peachtree database through this computer (and they have not encountered any errors with the database.)


    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!

  • Did you run Microsoft Update on all the workstations?


    Everything would work better if you had the DHCP, DNS and AD working. Since you do not, you are missing the services that help windows programs to find the resources on the network that they need:

    Mainly you will need Microsoft's services that find stuff in such networks (peer to peer networks).


    Microsoft has services that allow the Workstations on the peer to peer network discover and communicate with each other. Here are some articles about these services (Microsoft Link-Layer Topology Discovery services - LLTD):




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