no peachtree products were detected on your computer

When I try to install 2011serice release 3, I get an error message saying it cannot detect peachtree products on my computer. I am at a loss, any ideas on where to start.


Peachtree is installed on the computer.




Greg Zajac

  • Is it installed on your computer or a terminal server?


  • Shirley


    It is installed on my computer. Hope you can clear up this mystery.




    Greg Zajac

  • This will continue to happen in the future when upgrade are released unless you REMOVE the original program and reinistall.  When reinstalling it will suggest a file location for the program.  Accept that location. DO NOT CHANGE IT!! 


    Then when updates are released, they will now find the parent program. 


    This process should not have any affect on your current DATA. But I would suggest backing up BEFORE removing the program. Update on the hard drive, but NOT in your company file .  Also backup to the desktop and move it to a flash drive.







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