Chart of Accounts

A relatively new user to peachtree accounting, that is doing bookkeeping services for small businesses.  Have two companies up and running with minor problems that have been easily solved.  Now my problem.  A new company I want to add or convert to peachtree runs their chart of accounts different than peachtree would like me to set them up.  The company does not use account numbers, only account names and wants to keep it that way.  Second, they use sub accounting, for example a Petty Cash Account as an asset account, and then individual petty cash sub accounts as part of the main account.  See the following example. 

                                         PETTY CASH

                                               PETTY CASH-JONES, J                $200.00

                                               PETTY CASH-SMITH, S                 $150.00

                                               PETTY CASH-SMITH, V                 $300.00

Then, when you run your various reports such as The Balance Sheet, etc., you can elect to either run a standard report that would show the total in the main petty cash account, or run a detailed report showing the individual petty cash amounts.  Would appreciate any help available concerning this issue.  Thanks. 



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